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Tymothi Loving
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Been over a year that I've been unemployed. Just got turned down for a job at Trader Joe's. I knew I'd aged/skillsetted out of my profession, and will never have another tech job (applied for literally hundreds anyway, even managed to get a couple interviews), but after getting turned down for several retail and even fast food jobs, I am apparently unemployable at this point. Temp agency got me 3 days of work this year.

So, by force of sheer need, I'm trying to make some money writing. The severity of my depression coupled with near constant pain from whatever's been causing the right side of my face to regularly swell up hasn't been helping. Honestly don't know what I'm going to do.

I know it's a trite cliché, but it often feels like I never really left jail. It's always there, just waiting for something to cue it, start me me shaking and sweating, feeling like I'm going to puke.

After several interviews over several months that have gone nowhere, I'm honestly beginning to wonder if I'll ever work in the tech industry again. Really starting to get to me, not sleeping well, and pretty damn depressed.

Getting a vasectomy a week before Christmas. So that should be cool.

LiveJournal Party!!

So, I've been put on blood pressure meds. This should be interesting.

Been very angry lately...need to start finding more productive outlets again....

So, in that 10 years, a lot of stuff happened.
I broke up with Shelley, got married to, and then divorced from, Theresa, and now am dating Michelle.
I DJed a lot.
I turned myself in in Irvine and did a few months more jail time, and finally got all my probation and warrant stuff cleared up. Got some music released into the wild and played some shows.
Worked for several different jobs, many of which were crap.
Got a hernia, and had to go through the county to do it, but finally got the surgery done, and lo, was able to walk and frolic again.
Saw some good shows.
Did a house cleaning, and got some relationships that weren't doing anything good in my life out of my life. And made some new friends.
Had several friends die, from cancer, from ODing, from suicide.
My step-brother died from cancer.
Adopted some cats.
Lived in several different places, many of them on the same block, but different streets.
Drank a lot of beer.
Got my medical marijuana card.
Made bad jokes.
Laughed a whole lot.

It's been an interesting 10 years.

Just realized that last week was the 10th anniversary of me opening my LJ account. What an odd 10 years it's been.

Bloop bloop bloop.

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