Pleasure Unto Sickness

Tymothi Loving
3 April 1972
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Born in a small 3-story log cabin in 1326, I was elected Prime Number in a landslide in 1277. Later, I was given to a relentless self-immolation characterised by osmosis and tatty lace. Eventually, I was released into the spasmodosphere where I drifted for a while, finally collapsing (by a process of observation), into my current relatively stable self. I live in San Diego, have a band named (pleasuresick), DJ at several different goth/industrial/whatever clubs around town, like beer, books, good conversations, good and truly bad movies, and strange humor.
(pleasuresick), alien sex fiend, ambient music, aphex twin, art, b movies, bad movies, bastard pop, bauhaus, beer, bondage, cartoons, cats, chaos magic, cheese, classical music, clive barker, coil, comedy, computer games, cop shoot cop, crash worship, cult films, cynicism, dancing, darkwave, das ich, david bowie, david brin, david cronenberg, depeche mode, djing, drug legalization, dvds, edward ka-spel, equilibrium, eris, exegesis, experimental music, fetish, fight club, final fantasy, foetus, fraggles, front 242, goth, greg bear, guinness, helios creed, hellraiser, hong kong cinema, industrial music, invader zim, inxs, j.g. ballard, james joyce, jarboe, jhonen vasquez, klinik, legendary pink dots, libertarianism, mark leyner, mashups, merzbow, micheal gira, miranda sex garden, miss kitten, monty python, movies, mp3s, mst3k, muppets, museums, music, music collecting, neal stephenson, new wave music, night, nitzer ebb, noise, noisex, numb, okhrana, orbital, p.a.l., peter gabriel, peter murphy, philip k. dick, philosophy, privacy, prodigy, pzycho bitch, quantum physics, radiohead, rasputina, reading, recoil, red dwarf, remixes, renaissance faires, rhea's obsession, role playing games, roman dirge, s&m, s.i.n.a., scars, science fiction, sex, sex gang children, shaolin punk, shizuo, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, sluggy freelance, snog, something positive, squee, stromkern, swans, synapscape, system of a down, taboos, technoir, terminal choice, the cure, the orb, the tear garden, tool, truth, twin peaks, underworld, userfriendly, video games, wasabi